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Our Belief

At Auxo Hair Studio, we blend the artistry of vibrant hues with a commitment to hair wellness. Our passionate team is devoted to creating standout looks that resonate with your personality, all while ensuring your hair remains in its prime condition. Join us in celebrating vivid beauty without compromise.

Our Team


Eugene (Senior Stylist)

Eugene possesses profound passion for the art of cutting. Believing that every haircut should be a bespoke sculpture, he meticulously crafts each style to accentuate or harmonize with an individual's unique facial features. Eugene's philosophy centers on timeless, natural-looking haircuts that not only remain effortlessly stylish beyond the studio doors but also prioritize the health and integrity of the hair. For Eugene, it's more than just a haircut; it's a symphony of style and well-being tailored to each client.


Louis (Senior Stylist)

Louis believes that hair is a reflection of one's unique personality. He always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients leave happy, seeing their satisfaction as the best part of his job. For those looking for a splash of vibrancy, Louis excels in adding bright and lively colors to hair. Importantly, he takes care to use fewer chemicals, achieving vivid color transformations without compromising hair health.

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If you hold a deep passion for hair and prioritize a blend of style with hair health, you resonate with our values! We'd love to connect.


Send over your resume to and become a part of our dedicated team.

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